Integrator Partnerships

SAS Automation manufactures robotic end-of-arm tooling and provides support for custom automation work cell integrators.

SAS designs and builds high performance robotic end effectors and gripper systems for turn-key automated manufacturing systems. We provide components and tools for a variety of industries and applications, notably by multinational injection molders, general material handling and palletizing and packaging corporations.

SAS's experienced engineers and technicians provide ongoing support and equipment maintenance. We also employ qualified automation engineers and designers to develop tooling for automation cells that can meet the current and future needs of your manufacturing environment. SAS uses a patented modular component-based end-of-arm tooling system to reduce time and cost when making precision end-of-arm tools, custom components, and sub-assemblies.

SAS has the required skills to develop EOAT for any work cell including companies purchasing their first robot, to larger companies upgrading a current application. SAS also has the skills to provide ongoing support, equipment maintenance and JIT delivery of parts.

  • SAS Features, Advantages, and Benefits
  • End-of-arm tooling expertise
  • Automation simulation (3D)
  • In-house engineering, manufacturing and testing
  • On-site service, installation and operator training
  • RFID technology
  • Full warranty
  • Complete documentation and maintenance manuals
  • Alternative manual procedures (recovery)
  • Automatic and semi-automatic experience
  • Safety
  • Spare parts and components in-stock
  • Worldwide network – offices in Europe and Asia
  • ISO 9001 Quality Certified