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Piab makes strategic entry into mechanical gripping segment by acquiring SAS Automation

Taby, Sweden – Piab is proud to announce the acquisition of US-based SAS Automation, a leading developer and manufacturer of mechanical grippers and robotic end-of-arm tooling systems. By complementing Piab’s existing product offering, the addition of SAS Automation takes Piab a step closer to becoming a leading one-stop gripper shop.

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Adopt a Family

SAS Employees Give Back This Holiday Season

Xenia, Ohio (Dec. 17, 2016)-– - SAS Automation, a global leader in superior Robotic End-of-Arm tooling (EOAT) serving industrial customers around the world, is participating in the United Way of Greene County’s annual Adopt-a-Family program. “We believe that as a company, we do more than provide good jobs to our community and solutions to our customers, we have an obligation to support those in our community who are in need,” said Rob Dalton, SAS General Manager and Co-Chair of the United Way of Greene County 2014 Campaign. “Everyone needs support of some kind during their life, and as a company, we believe it’s important to provide an opportunity for our employees to help others.” Read more.


SAS Automation Announces Canadian Sales and Distribution Partnership

Xenia, Ohio (Dec. 12, 2014)-– A previous relationship is new again as Jerry Shelley, Owner of MSJ Sales and Distribution, becomes the Canadian sales and distribution representative for SAS Automation. With a previous sales and distribution company, Shelley worked closely with SAS Automation, their products and their team. With nearly 20 years of experience in the plastics and injection molding and automation industries, Shelley is well-aligned to regain and build SAS Automation’s robotic End-of-Arm tooling (EOAT) impact on manufacturers throughout Canada. Read more.


In Your Production Facility In As Little As A Week

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment you need robotic end of arm tooling fast. SAS Automation, the leading supplier of robotic end of arm tooling, gripper components, and gripper tooling (EOAT) from the simple too complex for insert molding to part manipulation can help. Click here for more information.

GRZ 22 G Sprue / Pliers and GRZ 20-22 G Sprue / Plier

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2013 GreeneCtyEdu

SAS Automation Team Puts Community Service First

XENIA, Ohio (June 26, 2014) -- SAS Automation, headquartered in Xenia, Ohio, supported United Way of Greene County’s annual Day of Service on June 20th by volunteering to make a difference for the county’s Head Start facility. The employee volunteers and a few family members spent the day giving the facility some much-needed attention: mowing, edging, trimming, painting interiors, painting picnic tables and more. Community service is important to SAS Automation and its employees. Every month employees are given three hours of normal work time to volunteer in the community. They also volunteer annually for United Way of Greene County’s Day of Service and during the holiday season. SAS’ General Manager, Rob Dalton currently serves as Co-Chair for the United Way of Greene County 2014 Campaign.

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Bob Lord

SAS Automation Welcomes Industry Veteran to Corporate Management Team

SAS Automation, a global leader in superior robotic End-of-Arm tooling (EOAT) and automation technology, is expanding its corporate management team. Industry veteran Bob Lord joins the management team as Sales and Marketing Manager.

“SAS is pleased to have Bob Lord join our management team,” says Trent Fisher, President and Founder of SAS Automation. “He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the manufacturing and automation industries to SAS and we look forward to what we will accomplish with this addition to our team.”

As Sales and Marketing Manager, Lord will work closely with SAS Automation engineers and business development managers to create sales and marketing campaigns promoting SAS EOAT and automation equipment. Lord brings more than 40 years of manufacturing, engineering and sales experience to the SAS Automation management team.

Prior to joining the SAS Automation team, Lord was the Director of Sales and Engineering at Auto-Valve, Inc., where he worked to revitalize both the engineered solutions sales efforts and the reorganization of the engineered new product design efforts.

Lord received his MBA from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio and has extensive experience in manufacturing, engineering solutions, factory automation, sales and marketing. Currently, Lord serves as a member of the board of trustees for the Dayton Regional Manufacturing Association, where he is responsible for board coordination of the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show.


Hybrid 'HX' End Effectors for 5+ Axis Robots

This new 'HX' End Effector is specifically designed for increased flexibility, offering an optimal "hybrid" design that includes the benefits of tubular frame adjustability as well as extruded channel frame profile rigidity. Robotic production use includes long reach boom press tending applications or heavy-duty material handling.

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Hygienic Design SAS Vacuum

New Product for Hygienic Food Processing

The value of the new "Hygienic Design SAS Vacuum (HDSV)" technology is the vacuum is generated by means of compressed air directly in the gripper thus allowing the air to continually clean the tool.

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Sustainable, Environmental Manufacturing Solutions

As part of SAS Automation's sustainability initiative, the company recently introduced the addition of modular gripper components specifically for tool builders to better understand their "green" tooling options to reduce carbon emissions and cycle times.

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Delphi Logo

Custom-Engineered EOAT and Degating System Puts Productivity in the Driver's Seat

Delphi is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electronics, parts, and technologies for the consumer and commercial segments of the automotive industry. From facilities in 32 countries, Delphi delivers creative solutions that help products perform better and make them safer, smarter, and more efficient.

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SAS Automation Grips On To Part Plier Technology

SAS Automation, the leader in superior robotic End-of-Arm tooling (EOAT) and automation technology, is unveiling two new sprue/part pliers, including the GRZ 10…ST and the GRZ 20-22/GRZ 20-22 C. These sprue/part pliers are fully compatible with SAS’s modular EOAT/gripper system.

The GRZ 10…ST features a single action spring return function and an aggressive tooth pattern. The grooved tooth pattern helps EOAT grippers to securely grip, turn and tighten sprues. As an added convenience, this part is available with or without standard SAS sensors, and with or without connectors.

To help automate work done in tight work areas, the new GRZ 20-22/GRZ 20-22 C boasts a slimmer design, allowing companies to optimize their production processes. These parts features small, grooved teeth and offer increased force capabilities ideal for large and die-locked sprues and runners. The GRZ 20-22/GRZ 20-22 C pliers are also available with or without sensors and connectors.

The GRZ 10…ST and GRZ 20-22/GRZ 20-22 C sprue/part pliers are a few of the many customized EOAT products designed by SAS Automation to meet the needs of customers from a number of industries, including automotive, food, plastics and palletizing. For more information on SAS Automation and its new End-of-Arm Tooling solutions, call your SAS sales representative today.


SAS Automation Latches On To Quick-Change Mounting Plates

SAS Automation, is unveiling the new SWM LK Quick Change Mounting Plate. This custom gripper component is fully adaptable, making the SWM LK compatible with every robot.

The SWM LK also features EOAT that is interchangeable with the quick change mounting plate. The versatility of the mounting plate allows companies to minimize downtime during installation, modifications or any other setup changes.

This newly designed mounting plate boasts lightweight, aluminum base plates, and can be locked to ensure a secure foundation. EOAT grippers also stay aligned and secure in the quick change mounting plate. As an added element of efficiency, an integrated pneumatic quick disconnect system has been incorporated in the design.

These fast-draw mounting plate variations are suitable for a number of industries that move at a quick pace. From food and beverage to metal handling, an EOAT may need to be switched out at a moment’s notice in order to maintain regular operations and continue functioning on schedule. Companies can now optimize their working runtime because of the SWM LK’s adaptability and timesaving features.

The SWM LK Quick Change Mounting Plate is one of many customized products designed by SAS Automation to meet a specific application or need. Customers are able to review specifications and CAD drawings to determine if adapted gripper components will work for their operation. Call your SAS representative for more information.

SAS Automation Introduces Fan Gate Cutter

SAS Automation is unveiling the new GCX5 Fan Gate Cutter. The GCX5 Fan Gate Cutter is the newest addition to SAS Automation’s line of pneumatic cutters and degating systems.

The GCX5 Fan Gate Cutter is designed to be used to remove fan gates from parts during the production process. This new cutter can cut fan gates up to 2mm thick x 40mm long on soft plastics. The design of the GCS5 Fan Gate Cutter provides companies with a large cutting force from a small input force.

The GCX5 Fan Gate Cutter is one of the many lightweight cutting tools designed by SAS Automation to allow customers to select the tool that best meets their production challenges. For more information about SAS Automation's production lines, visit the online catalog or call your SAS sales representative today.