In-Mold Labeling (IML)

IML is the process of placing labels into the mold so that they become part of the finished product. We have developed and patented a process for IML that does not require mechanical gripping of the label by the tool or in the mold, leaving a much cleaner surface on the finished part.

IML processes are increasingly popular because of their labor saving benefits. But equally important is their ability to produce a better part - with more accurately placed labels that adhere permanently.

Advantages of In-Mold Labeling:

  • Robot handles the process • Accurate label placement
  • Reduced waste
  • Constant cycle times
  • Label becomes part of the finished part - does not rely on adhesive
  • No edge to peel back for fingers to remove.

The SAS patented (U.S. P at. #6,416,706) Insert Mold System can be applied to other parts including metal inserts, cloth, and vinyl. Our EOAT makes your parts better with accurate placement of a permanent label at less cost with reduced waste and labor.

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