End-of-Arm Tooling for Plastics

Advanced EOAT solutions for
injection molding manufacturers

From components to complete systems and from stock to custom, your needs as an injection molding manufacturer will be met at SAS Automation.

End-of-Arm Tooling for the plastics industry can cover a number of functions – all of which will help you reduce cycle times, produce consistent parts, save on personnel costs and cut down on scrap and unusable parts. Designed with modular and custom machined components, our tooling will operate on any style or make of robot.

With experience working alongside the leading automation manufacturers, ISO 9001 Quality System Certification and in-house control over the entire engineering and production process, SAS Automation can transform your plastics handling potential in ways you might not even expect.

Modular Components for Building Robotic End-of-Arm Tools

SAS offers a complete line of modular components to allow you to rapidly build tools in your own plant, meeting rapidly changing automation needs on-demand. SAS stocks over $1.5 million dollars of components for overnight shipment, and we can assist you with design and engineering advice as needed. SAS also offers a certified training program to train your technicians the finer points of constructing tooling for the injection molding industry.

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Custom EOATs Designed to Your Specific Needs

Our modular component systems provide a level of EOAT customization and ease-of-use that serves the vast majority of our customer’s automation requirements. But if you’re a plastics manufacturer who needs even more precision and control, our made-to-order tooling designs will help you reach unprecedented efficiency and productivity.

All custom assemblies are tested for quality and functionality prior to shipment to ensure success at your facility. From simple applications for a one cavity mold to complex die-locked multi cavity parts, SAS can design and build the optimum tool for your de-molding needs.

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Insert Molding EOATs for Plastics Injection Molds

Insert molding and in-mold labeling are two of the most difficult tasks for either an operator or EOAT to perform. 

Insert molding is the process of placing small parts into a mold that then become part of the finished product. The robot must be able to assure proper placement and alignment of the inserts. Our experience designing EOAT for insert placement has made the process second nature to us, regardless of complexity or size. SAS has developed numerous solutions such as innovative magazine loading technology to automate the entire process -- from loading of over-mold parts to extraction, degating and secondary operations.

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In-Mold Labeling (IML)

IML applies the fundamentals of insert molding to precise placement of labels. We have developed and patented a unique process for IML (U.S. Patent #6,416,706) that does not require mechanical gripping of the label by the tool or in the mold – leaving a much cleaner surface on the finished part.

IML processes are increasingly popular for their labor saving benefits, but they are just as valuable for producing better parts with more accurately placed labels that permanently adhere to the product.

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Degating and Cutting - On-Tool and Stand-Alone Stations 

SAS offers degating and cutting tools to cover the whole variety of cutting situations, ranging from basic to highly sophisticated. Our hand cutters, pneumatic cutters, EOAT mounted cutters and standard and custom degaters can give you an appropriate level of precision and efficiency – even with plastics hard enough to give conventional tools trouble.

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