Vacuum Handling Systems

This new heavy-duty vacuum handling system is a universal tooling system, designed to safely handle products, parts, pallets, packaging, and slipsheets of varying dimensions.

Like many of the modular systems from SAS – this line is easy to configure to your specific part. It easily handles parts that are often difficult for standard grippers, including porous, soft, twisted, round, flexible and other nonstandard shapes, weights, and materials.

This comprehensive system is highly suitable for larger, higher capacity gripper surfaces and lower vacuum levels, allowing it to overcome many of the shortcomings of standard vacuum solutions. It is the easiest and most reliable way to handle bulky and heavy parts, while ensuring that no part is damaged. Each gripper has one valve that is auto-regulated to open and close. Gripping power uniquely remains constant offering exceptional handling with improved lifting, and the system does not need any adjustment – thereby lowering labor and maintenance costs. It is unaffected by sawdust, humidity, or surfaces that are molded, rough, or twisted. We know of no surface that cannot be used with this system.

Significant Features:

  • Easy and reliable; requires minimal maintenance
  • Fast installation
  • Lightweight, multi-purpose, and compact
  • Independent and auto-regulated valve system
  • Will not damage parts
  • Handling capacity 3000kg/m² (614 lbs/ft²)
  • Adjustable systems available
  • Able to handle a wide variety of shapes
  • Multiple heads configured in series only require one turbine
  • Many options available – to handle any part

Power Consumption:

Electric Turbine – in release position, power consumption is approximately 30% of normal
Compressed air - Venturi power consumption only in pick-up mode

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