EOAT for Packaging

SAS addresses the challenges faced by packaging processors providing a variety of options with our modular robotic EOAT systems.

From lifting 250 pound metal wheel hubs to inserting small electrical parts before packaging, an SAS custom EOAT can satisfy all of your manufacturing needs.

Cost effective, multipurpose End-of-Arm Tools can be fabricated to pick up and locate pallets, as well as place cartons of various shapes on the pallet without changing the EOAT.

Other SAS packaging applications and benefits include:

  • Inserting slip sheets
  • Handling porous surfaces
  • Built-in air cylinders to stabilize loads for rapid movement

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) and gripper systems for palletizing, you can trust our ability to provide you the components, installation training, technical service and troubleshooting to keep your operations on schedule. Call our sales team at 888-SAS-EOAT (727-3628) to request a quote.