EOATs for palletizing a Wide Variety of Products

If your automation cell requires a palletizing or de-palletizing End-of-Arm Tool, trust SAS for components and systems that make your robots function precisely and efficiently.

SAS Automation is both a robotic End-of-Arm Tooling manufacturer and custom automation machine builder. The modular and custom-machined component designs of our products allow our EOATs to operate on any make and style of robot.

SAS has also partnered with most leading automation companies, so we have the experience and knowledge to customize a system for your palletizing demands. We also take your quality assurance seriously: SAS is ISO 9001 Quality System Certified, and we produce all components in our state-of-the-art production facilities.

Our palletizing tooling can be broken down into four categories: adjustable bag grippers, clamping style grippers, fork-style grippers and vacuum plate EOATs.

Standard and Custom Bag Grippers

The SAS ABG Adjustable Bag Gripper is ideal for palletizing plastic, woven cloth or paper bags containing grains, chemicals, dog food, minerals and any other bagged products. A hand wheel-driven lead screw quickly changes the ABG for different bag widths, while the optional servo-drive adjusts width on the fly to accommodate mixed loads. (The FBG Fixed Bag Gripper is also available for a set range of widths.)

15.86mm-diameter solid stainless steel gripper fingers secure the bag as independent decking plates square-up and align the bag for accurate placement. For example, the ABG-50 is designed to handle weights of 2.27-49.9 kg (5-110 lbs.), widths of 304.8-533.4 mm (12-21 in.) and to pick from standard conveyors. An optional slip sheet system is also available.

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Fork-Style EOATs

Retracting fork-style EOATs are especially well-suited for open-top containers and oversized bags that must be picked from the bottom. The stroking forks are designed to pick product from a roller conveyor. The forks retract through a stationary stripper plate and the product is placed on the pallet. Your EOAT can be set up to include slip sheet option and the forks can also be used to pick and place a shipping pallet using the optional pallet hook option.

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Vacuum Pad EOATs

Vacuum place end-of-arm tools can palletize single containers and even complete pallet layers. These EOATs are powered by vacuum turbines or venturi generators and provide superior gripping capabilities by using high-vacuum flow. Valved vacuum ports automatically close when there are gaps between the products or the product is not present. The vacuum places can also be zoned for multiple pick-and-places.

SAS also designs and builds vacuum cup EOATs for cartons, pails and bags. High speed and corrugated carbon applications are designed around a system which can provide a high vacuum level for heavy containers or high vacuum flow for corrugated cartons.

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Carton Clamping EOATs

Side-clamp EOATs work particularly well for slip top cartons and heavyweight applications where a topside pick is impossible – for instance, 18.14 kg (40 lb.) blocks of cheese in glued-up corrugated cartons. Our engineers will help you program the customizable clamping cylinders to apply the exact force for controlling the carton. This allows for multiple sizes of cartons to be palletized with the same EOAT. An optional slip sheet system is also available.

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