End-of-Arm Tooling for Metal Press Tending

Increasingly robots are being selected for press tending applications because of their ability to manipulate, tilt or rotate metal blanks as they are moved between stamping or forming operations. The robotic End-of-Arm Tool (EOAT) or gripper is often called upon to lift, position, and separate heavy, contoured, or oily blanks. The EOATs provide added design flexibility to stack, crate, pack or palletize finished parts. Whether you need to unload a press, de-stack blanks, or perform a secondary operation such as bar code labeling or date stamping, the importance of the robotic End-of-Arm Tool cannot be overstated when it comes to metal handling. Our EOATs can play a significant role to ensure safe, secure and repeatable blank transfer and placement in stamping presses.

Heavy-duty Vacuum, Magnetic and Mechanical End-of-Arm Tools

The EOAT is responsible for how well a robot performs as it is the only component that enters the die and touches the formed part. The SAS Metal Press Tending EOATs come with bayonet quick change chucks and a height designed to accommodate minimal die openings, or daylight, in stamping presses. Heavy-duty construction helps eliminate down time and our modular design gives flexibility in the adjustment process to accommodate multiple blank sizes.

Vacuum Gripper Types

  • Effective for most applications
  • Vacuum cup material resists stamping and forming lubricants
  • Metal-specific cups use internal wipers and blocks to stabilize the blanks


  • Effective for perforated blanks or those with limited areas for vacuum cups
  • Requires input of compressed air to release blank from EOAT protecting from premature drop


  • Common for use with heavy or flexible parts
  • Also effective when large pulling force is necessary due to part or die design
  • Plier-type grippers for a mechanical grip
  • Rotating finger grippers for an underneath lift

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) and gripper systems for palletizing, you can trust our ability to provide you the components, installation training, technical service and troubleshooting to keep your operations on schedule. Call our sales team at 888-SAS-EOAT (727-3628) to request a quote.