End-of-Arm Tooling for Food Handling

Radically speed up handling of even delicate and awkward food products.

Commercial bakeries frequently produce many thousands of items each hour – and with no time to spare, there’s simply no efficient way to package these products by hand. The process of removing goods from the pan in one piece, placing goods in packaging and preparing packaging for shipment can be the Achilles heel of an otherwise smooth operation.

SAS Automation customers use this same “pain point” of production to leap ahead with advanced End-of-Arm Tooling for food handling. Not only can specialized EOATs remove goods from pans with needle or vacuum technology, they can also compress the spacing of the products to fit in trays, tubs or clamshell containers on conveyors. One-size-fits-all solutions simply don’t work for the industries we work with, which is why our components are always designed for a higher standard.

This is just the beginning of the solutions SAS Automation offers for food handling. We also feature various bag and box gripping solutions for produce, frozen and other difficult to handle food products. Further downstream, EOATs can simplify and expedite the packing and palletizing of your food products as well.

Muffin, Cupcake, Brownie and Layer Cake Depanning

In response to growing demand from the food industry, SAS Automation designed a flexible system to handle different shapes/sizes of baked goods depending on the customer’s specific needs. Stainless steel needle grippers can extract 144 muffins from moving baking pans at the rate of 9 picks and 1,296 muffins per minute – that’s just fewer than 700,000 muffins per 9-hour shift.

Our needle depanner also compresses the muffin spacing in 2 directions, allowing for the perfect fit in existing trays and containers for retail and wholesale distribution. Thee specialized EOATs are completely change the game for our food industry customers, and speak to the sheer variety of what’s possible in any industry with a properly customized gripper system.


Bag Handling

Handling of both small and large bags can range from tricky to impossible with conventional End-of-Arm Tooling. But SAS Automation’s adjustable, versatile bag grippers (ABG-25 & ABG-50) allow your robots to swiftly handle and palletize bags made of plastic, woven cloth and paper.

  • Eliminates the need for costly, custom tooling with its unique width adjustment system. In less than 30 seconds, the tool’s bag width can be changed from 191-533 mm (7.5 to 21 inches)
  • Independent decking plates align the bag for precise placement on the pallet while the top mounted bag clamps maintain bag position on the Bag Gripper during robot travel to the pallet
  • Slip sheet and pallet hook options available

End-of-Arm Tooling from SAS Automation gives you the control and consistency you’ve been looking to add to your food handling process. Give our sales team a call at 888-SAS-EOAT (727-3628) to request a quote and learn how easy it is to apply EOAT efficiency to your packing.

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