Sustainable Tooling

SAS Automation offers modular components specifically for tool builders interested in reducing their carbon emissions and cycle times. Improving these factors helps to build a sustainable manufacturing facility and can be consistent with a broader corporate policy for being green. The SAS Automation system has three levels of EOAT sustainability.

GREEN – MOST EFFICIENT AND SAFEST – this system features a decentralized vacuum EOAT using cups mounted directly to the GGE / GGS V manifold with an integrated vacuum cartridge. Because the pressure is being generated at the cup location there are no vacuum losses due to fitting connections. This allows for the greatest amount of vacuum flow to lifting force from other systems.

YELLOW – EFFICIENT – This system features a centralized vacuum manifold with a single generator, servicing four cups. There will be some vacuum loss but this loss can be minimized by utilizing this with flat surface and smooth parts.

ORANGE – SOME EFFICIENCY – Featuring a centralized vacuum system utilizing a vacuum pad and pump, the pad has an array of holes that draw air through the chamber in the pad. This system draws the highest vacuum flow.

SAS Green EOAT Tool