Degating and Cutting

SAS Automation's complete line of pneumatic cutters and degating systems offers a wide variety of lightweight cutting tools. You can easily select the tool that best meets your production challenges. Cutting blades can be easily rotated for left or right-handed operation, and all units are easily maintained. Many styles and sizes of blades are available to suit your application.

Please go to our online store to see our full line of products and solutions. Below are highlights from our line of products and systems.

Work Finisher Knife

degati15The SAS Work Finisher is a safe, ceramic knife that deburs hard plastics effortlessly without fear of cutting hands/fingers. It is ideal for curved and complicated shapes.

Handheld Pneumatic Cutter

degati16The MR Sprue Cutters with H in the part number are hand held cutters. This line of sprue cutters are hand operated, feature safety levers, and can be fixture mounted. This line features many standard and special blades.

EOAT Mounted Cutters

degati19Get more out of your end-of-arm tool by adding the degating function to your custom tool. SAS Automation engineers can analyze your operation to determine the most cost efficient degating method for your part.

Rail Degaters

degati20Compact, modular degating system for fan gates that greatly reduces finishing labor costs and provides a consistent clean cut for fan gates. Mounted on a rigid frame, this degating unit can be designed to trim either straight or curved fan gates. Radiuses as small as one inch (25.4 mm) can be cleanly degated by this system.

Lift Degater

degati24The SAS Lift Degater was designed for large plastics parts. A robot transports the part to the Lift Degater and sets the part into the "part conforming nests", located at the top of the degater. The part is then trimmed by several precisely positioned cutting tools that match the nests. Precision and speed are coupled with several simultaneous cutting actions. The waste trim is then dropped into a container and the finished product is lowered on to the lift table. The product can then be removed by a packer, who is protected from the lift by a safety light curtain.

Custom Degater

degati28SAS engineers use 2D and 3D CAD tools to create custom equipment that will perform operations quickly and safely. Every station is designed to increase productivity, ensure the safety of the operator, and reduce operator fatigue. SAS has tremendous experience developing special degating systems for very large as well as small and delicate parts.