Custom End-of-Arm Tooling

In some cases, your automation and material handling needs are not easily met. Challenges can range from the complexity of the parts being handled to the speed or manner in which you need them to move through your production, assembly, or palletizing line.

SAS is highly experienced in addressing difficult issues and coming up with innovative ways to solve them. From our more than 1,500 stock EOAT components to our engineering expertise, SAS Automation works to find the right solution to meet your needs.


1 Part Application Specify your part to be gripped and/or application as well as robotic information including payload and mechanical/electrical interfaces, by providing part/mold drawings, video of process, and sample parts.
2 Custom Design & CAD We custom design to your specifications and provide CAD drawings for approval.
3 Gripper Assembly Upon approval, we will lay out and assemble your gripper with standard and/or custom machined components.
4 Testing Finally, we test the custom EOAT with your part/application to facilitate quick set-up on-site.
5 Installation Upon request, we provide technicians for installation assistance, on-site adjustments, and robot interfacing.
6 Support As an option, we offer a recommended spare parts kit to assure maximum production of your robotic work cell


Key Characteristics

SAS focuses on these aspects for an effective end-of-arm tool.

Availability – Quick delivery of components and spare parts

Lightweight – Reduces robot wear and maintenance

Rigid – Ensures precision placement and secures material safely

Modular – Easy to adjust and make changes

Durable – Ensures a long life with lower maintenance

SAS Automation Earns U.S. Patent

patent-partSAS designed and manufactures a programmable end-of-arm tool. This tool can be easily programmed to automatically relocate four separate component holders within the cycle of the robot.

The SAS Automation programmable robotic end-of-arm tool (U.S. Patent #7,611,180) provides maximum flexibility for a wide variety of applications.

For an automotive instrument trim panel, SAS was tasked with designing an EOAT gripper that could remove four parts from a mold without marring any surface or deforming the parts while reducing cycle time.

"Not only did SAS Automation design and build end of arm tooling that accomplished the objectives, but it increased my productivity by 30%. The process was easy and efficient. I contacted my local SAS representative who came to our facility, took digital photos, and obtained mold drawings and samples. The engineers at SAS performed the design and sent drawings to me for approval. After my approval, the finished product arrived over a week ahead of schedule. The product design and execution was excellent, and their field installation service was phenomenal! It has now been running flawlessly for over 6 months. I will definitely be using SAS for future projects!"

– Direct quote from a prominent manufacturing company