Trusting the EOAT experts proves smart move for SI Plastics, Inc.

SI Plastics, Inc. isn't SAS Automation's biggest customer, but they treat us like we are. They take an idea or situation we present and provide their expert advice and solution options, and can get it to me as soon as we need it.

"Before I came to SI Plastics I had used SAS products for years having great success. We were using another company, but weren't happy. SAS Automation’s products are much more reliable than others and have reduced downtime and cycle times for SI Plastics."

"If other companies are considering others to build or supply parts for there EOATs, I tell them to call SAS. SAS makes it easier for you, your business process and your end customer. They are the experts and recommend the parts that will work best in whatever your application is, and provide outstanding service to accompany their quality parts."

Leading thermoforming and injection molding company looks to SAS

Wilbert Plastic Services, a leading supplier of plastic injection molded and heavy gauge thermoform products and assemblies in North America, recently looked to SAS Automation for multiple solutions in their EOAT construction. In just a short time, they have realized benefits that have made operational improvements to their business.

"For nearly 10 years, I have worked with SAS Automation at different companies. When I came to Wilbert Plastic Services, I saw the opportunity to increase EOAT performance and reliability by shifting our components to SAS."

"We will continue using SAS Automation at Wilbert for a number of reasons: we have been able to reduce robot changeover times, SAS products are incredibly reliable, and the SAS team provides outstanding service."

"I would recommend that other companies automate whenever possible. Never be afraid to ask for help or advice from the experts like SAS; you will be glad you did."

ARPAC Looked to SAS to Expand Business Offering

When ARPAC LLC, a leading packaging machinery manufacturing and service company, wanted to offer robotics solutions to customers as part of their overall service, they looked to the best—SAS Automation. For nearly five years, SAS has been ARPAC's exclusive supplier of end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT), enabling the company to bridge gaps between machines and provide a better end product and service to their customers.

"We wouldn't be where we are today without SAS Automation," said ARPAC Director of Control Systems, Robotics and Integration Chuck Mayberry. "Their talented design and engineering teams helped us with tooling design and understanding applications."

ARPAC could have developed their own line of EOAT in-house, but SAS has decades of automation experience and knowledge to provide its customers. SAS had the answers to ARPAC's questions and their depth and breadth of knowledge provided the quality solutions ARPAC needed.

"The required investment from ARPAC in time and resources to develop the EOAT solutions in-house at the same quality and ingenuity level of SAS', would have made the endeavor much more difficult to accomplish," said Mayberry. "We knew working with SAS would be the best move for our company. They deliver a customized solution for each individual project, not just a standard way of doing something."

That personal approach to doing business is one of the many reasons Mayberry and his team at ARPAC work with SAS Automation exclusively.

"Anyone who plans to have automation as part of their business should call SAS early in the process", said Mayberry. "They are a team of experts. From design and engineering, to sales and service, the SAS team doesn’t disappoint and we trust them to make our business stronger."

Automation Adds Efficiency & Safety to Metal Stamping Operation

Six years ago when Ohio Stamping and Machine, part of McGregor Metal Companies, began working with SAS Automation, both were new to the worlds they were entering. Ohio Stamping had never worked with robots and automation in its metal processing before, and SAS Automation was new to press tending. The teams grew together and their working relationship has produced substantial results.

The Ohio Stamping and Machine project involved metal stamping for large agricultural machinery components, weighing up to about 130 lbs. per piece. Robots were introduced to help expedite production, improve safety and reduce the number of people directly involved with the machining process.

"The team at SAS helped us acclimate quickly and effectively to our new automation system," said Ohio Stamping and Machine Manufacturing Engineer Randy Littler. "We had a two-week timeframeand they did not disappoint. Their team learned the ins and outs of our metal stamping and both teams worked well together,benefitting the end product and end customers."

SAS Automation not only helped Littler and his team become automation experts, but also facilitated their ability to design solutions.

"SAS guides our team through the options we have to solve our machining situations," said Littler. "We design the parts we need for a joband SAS produces what we need. SAS is engaged when we present a new problem or idea. They are excited by working on new projects and finding the best solution."

It is hard to put a value on the ways in which SAS Automation’s expertise benefitted Ohio Stamping and Machine, Littler said.

"Efficiencies are up and we are able to do so much more in a lot less time," said Littler. "We were previously moving parts by hand, struggling to manipulate the heavy pieces and putting ourselves at risk of injury. With automation incorporated, we have reduced the number of employees on the task from six to just one or two."

Service, quality and ingenuity are the hallmarks of Ohio Stamping and Machine’s business, Littler said, and SAS Automation has helped Ohio Stamping deliver on that promise to customers.

"I work with a lot of vendors,” said Littler. “The SAS team is responsive and outstanding to work with. They take care of our team and the relationship we have built with them would be hard to replicate."

SAS Automation has been the proud supplier to INOAC for 14 years

For more than 14 years, Japan-based INOAC’s United States headquarters has looked to SAS Automation to meet their EOAT needs in their work with customers in automotive, information and technology, healthcare, cosmetics, industrial materials and housing, plastics, elastomers and advanced materials industries.

“SAS Automation more than satisfies our needs. They are a great supplier and help INOAC develop a better line of operation in our manufacturing.

“I refer others who need effective automation solutions to SAS Automation frequently for their product quality and outstanding service. I also know numerous former colleagues who, having moved on in their career from INOAC, have taken SAS with them to their new companies.”

Ram Mechanical Quickly Sees Positive Results Working With SAS Automation

RAM SAS Installation 2In just six short months, Ram Mechanical has seen benefits from working with SAS Automation’s specialized and experienced team. The end of arm tooling (EOAT) solution SAS Automation provides Ram Mechanical is for their robotic material handling cells that palletize cases and handle trays.

“It was important to seek out a partner who backs up their work,” said Glen Langstaff, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for Ram Mechanical. “They took the time to understand the needs at the beginning of the process and were open to collaborating.”

Previously, Ram Mechanical developed and fabricated their EOAT in-house, but after more than a decade, they wanted a way to lower the delivered product cost to their customers with a higher level of reliability. SAS has done just that.

“The results have justified our decision to team up with SAS,” said Langstaff. “SAS has been doing this for a long time, and that was part of what we were buying. We don’t have the same collective experience SAS does. We are able to control our risk while simultaneously lowering our cost; and that is a very attractive business opportunity.”

See SAS Automation in action for RAM Mechanical here.