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Our Promise to you - rest easy, and in comfort!

Price Guarantee:

We at SAS Automation understand the market pressures and know we must offer optimal service, quality and value to our customers. In fact, you can rest assured that we'll match any competitors' price for our in stock components with proper verification. See, for example, one of our products for details. While competition is healthy in any business, we are pleased many attempt to provide replacements to The original get a grip! modular Robotic End of Arm Tooling (EOAT), paying tribute to our innovation, products, and service.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

We at SAS Automation value your business and you as our customer, and will make every effort to assure your satisfaction. Our business is to know yours, and every team member cares, is trained thoroughly in their job function, and takes part in our mutual success. It is our job to get, keep, and grow our business with you as a customer by making our products and services better, faster, and very price competitive. We strive to provide outstanding service and solutions for your automation needs, making you as productive as possible.

If there is any way for us to improve or if you are not fully satisfied, please contact us with constructive feedback or provide us with a completed Customer Survey. We'll take every measure to improve and assure your utmost satisfaction.

Quality Guarantee:

We at SAS are ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certified, meaning we strive to safely provide the best quality services and products possible as defined in our Quality Policy. We welcome your constructive feedback and have a process in place for improvements.

Technology Guarantee:

SAS Automation continuously listens carefully to your input and needs, and responds with dependable solutions. Also, we strive to anticipate your future requirements, and provide innovative solutions. Additionally, we are members of the Robotics Industry Association, Society of the Plastics Industry, and the Society of Plastic Engineers, keeping us abreast of the industry.

Environment Guarantee:

SAS has programs in place at our facilities to recycle machining process chips and metals as well as paper material. Also, we have set back thermostats to save that little extra bit when our locations are idle at nighttime. In packaging, we use almost all recyclable material and offer energy efficient material handling solutions where applicable for our customer applications thereby minimizing our carbon footprint.

Community Guarantee:

We at SAS care about both the local community that we live in as well as the world. We strive to reach out and support those in need, taking part in social services when possible. In fact, our employees are paid while donating a certain amount of time to volunteer, providing a win win situation!

Education Guarantee:

SAS Automation supports education and distribution of helpful information in our industry, as seen at the educational websites and We are on Industrial Advisory Committees and support Educational Institutions involved in manufacturing and robotics. See our recent significant donation to this institution.

Lifetime Guarantee:

Due to customer requests for extreme dependability in round the clock production environments, we offer a lifetime warranty on some products in addition to our standard limited warranty. We improved the design and rigorously tested these products, for our dependability and your comfort. See our exclusive SAS Lifetime Warranty for details.

It’s our promise to you!