Our EOATs are designed with modular and custom machined components and will operate on any style or make of robot.


If your automation cell requires a palletizing End-of-Arm Tool, our custom robotic solutions allow your robot to do more


SAS designed depanning EOATs that are flexible to handle a variety of muffins, cupcakes, brownies and layer cakes.


Our EOATs can play a significant role to ensure safe, secure and repeatable blank transfer and placement in stamping presses.


Expertise + Precision + Innovation

Welcome to SAS Automation. We design, build, and service End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) for all makes and models of robots. We also supply modular component-based EOAT and gripper systems. We are experts in end-effector gripper systems across a number of manufacturing and distribution industries including plastics, palletizing, food and metal press tending.

At SAS, we are committed to helping our clients achieve maximum efficiency through automation. We strive to make innovation our hallmark for precision engineered gripper solutions.

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Visit our videos page to see SAS Automation's End-of-Arm Tooling solutions work.

What Customers Are Saying About SAS Automation

"Anyone who plans to have automation as part of their business should call SAS early in the process. They are a team of experts. From design and engineering, to sales and service, the SAS team doesn’t disappoint and we trust them to make our business stronger."

- Chuck, Director of Control Systems, Robotics and Integration

"The team at SAS helped us acclimate quickly and effectively to our new automation system. We had a two-week timeframe and they did not disappoint. Their team learned the ins and outs of our metal stamping and both teams worked well together,benefitting the end product and end customers."

- Randy, Machine Manufacturing Engineer

"If other companies are considering others to build or supply parts for there EOATs, I tell them to call SAS. SAS makes it easier for you, your business process and your end customer. They are the experts and recommend the parts that will work best in whatever your application is, and provide outstanding service to accompany their quality parts."

- A Plastic Services Company

"For nearly 10 years, I have worked with SAS Automation at different companies. When I came to my current Plastic Services company, I saw the opportunity to increase EOAT performance and reliability by shifting our components to SAS."